About Me

I'm an independent software developer from Guatemala currently moving back and forth between South Korea and Guatemala. I have a B.S in Entrepreneurial Engineering (CS + Industrial Engineering + Economics) and have taught myself how to code in the past year. I worked at a holding company in Guatemala for 3 years and had the chance to work in Innovation in several industries including Real Estate Development, Home Automation, Dental Clinics, Health and Financial Services.

After graduating from my B.S in Guatemala I went to Draper University in the Summer of 2014 and have since made it my mission to become a world-class creator of software and make a positive impact in the world. From iOS games to apps for productivity, I find myself at home coding with Swift and Objective-C and you will find me coding on XCode 8/10 times. The rest of the times you'll find me experimenting with HTML & CSS, Python and Django, Ruby on Rails to allow me to collaborate and communicate with other engineers anytime.

I believe that Remote working is not only the future, but it should be the present way of working. I currently use Basecamp and WebX when working with clients.





Ruby on Rails

Some Of The Things I Can Work On With You

Design Thinking

Everything from product design to business development from a human-centered approached. I've worked extensively using this methodology while working at a Guatemalan holding company that spanned industries such as dental care, financial services and real estate development.

iOS Development

I started off learning the basics of Objective-C when Apple announced Swift. While I'm fairly fluent in Objective-C (the first app I published on the App Store was written in Objective-C) I've fully adopted Swift and I'm currently able to implement CoreData, MapKit, SpriteKit and the general Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Web Design & Development

I've experimented building simple websites using everything from HTML & CSS (with a little bit of Javascript and/or PHP) to using Ruby on Rails, Python and Django. I know how to use Illustrator, Photoshop and FinalCut Pro so I can take a full website from idea to implementation.

SEO & Mailchimp

I've succesfully implemented Content Marketing while working at the holding company in Guatemala, everything from webiste design to designing & coding the emails and post schedule. I am the most familiar with Mailchimp but I'm a fast learner and fully adaptable to the platform of choice.



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Swift - MapKit - CoreData




Swift - Parse


Sprite Kit - Swift


Sprite Kit - Objective-C


Python - Django - Amazon S3

Let's get in touch

There are many ways to contact me, but one that will never fail is email. Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn for business and professional inquiries.